Tension and Bridges


There are some people I know who can deal with tension in life as if it’s another day at the beach. I am not one of those people. I don’t like the idea of confronting people (well, I do, but only if I am in a blood-boiling fit of anger – but then it’s not confronting, that’s called something else). I don’t like enduring a tough situation for days on end nor managing the pressure that comes with all sorts of scenarios in life that bring tension. I happen to be in one of those seasons where I can’t quite put my finger on what’s changed in certain relationships, but there’s this under current of tension. Everything in me wants to get to the bottom of it, figure it out and control it. “CONTROL” screams my brain several times a day. “GET OUT OF THIS FEELING” screams my heart more times than I care to admit. So yesterday I walked up to the fridge at work (stress eating, I don’t recommend it) when I noticed the new image for the month of November on the calendar. It was hanging perfectly centered within my line of sight. It was a picture of a bridge. The image was stunning with its impressive display of perfectly engineered steel rods and beams and concrete parts. I took a moment to study the photo and then read the little blurb at the bottom of the page where it explained tension’s essential ingredient for the suspension bridge. I knew this meant something because of what I’ve been experiencing so I thought about this throughout the rest of the day, last night and this morning. I even pulled up an article from “How Stuff Works” to read about these bridges. The Golden Gate Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge are a few of the more famous suspension bridges. They’re simply breathtaking! Here’s what I read in that article in talking about compression and tension: “The supporting cables, on the other hand, receive the bridge’s tension forces. These cables run horizontally between the two far-flung anchorages. Bridge anchorages are essentially solid rock or massive concrete blocks in which the bridge is grounded. Tensional force passes to the anchorages and into the ground.” Confession time: I have prayed within the last few weeks for God to change certain things about the way I operate and think, and He is a faithful God to hear and do the impossible so He is allowing the scenarios needed for this change, I think. I want to wiggle out of them and run for the hills or just bury my head under the covers and come out when it’s all over and the world is bright and cheery again. BUT THAT’S NOT HOW WE GROW! We grow through these things. So here it goes, my prayer in my journal this morning was for me not to wiggle out of this. My prayer was that I would wait on the Lord and allow the tension and look to Him for guidance. The other essential in the bridge is that it’s anchored into the ground. That’s comforting to know. As we are anchored into the solid Rock we, too, can be those magnificent displays of His handiwork so people will take note and stop and marvel at how good God is and how wonderful His works.

Have a blessed Friday and weekend!

In His Grip, Sonia

By SoniaG

Who me...? Just a woman who Jesus met at a well in 2009, and He changed her life forever.

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