Welcome August!


Good morning and thank you for reading! It is August 1st, and here I am in my second day blogging at the break of dawn. I don’t know how awake I am yet. Homework took longer than expected and Mario and I took our dog, Luna, for a late night walk and then we started reading a book together called “Ministry Is…” by David Early and Ben Gutierrez. This is the first book we have read together in a LONG time so I am very excited about it.

I was thankful to get a text yesterday from one of the dearest women in my life. She wrote, ” Loved your blog post this morning!” It was a shot in the arm to keep writing because many times I ask myself, “What are you doing? No one cares what you write!” And then another text that said, “…To read how you struggle, manage and turn things over to God puts a manageability to it that I struggle with. It’s overwhelming but I read your words and think it’s okay. I can do this day with God guiding me. It’s okay.” I’ve said since the beginning of this blogging journey that if it helps one person along their walk with God then that’s enough for me so that settles that. In summary, I will keep writing.

One quick story before I end today’s blog. On Sunday after church I was helping clean up outside and noticed one of those June bug beetle things flying around. It bumped into the wall, fell to the ground and landed on its back. It was moving its legs frantically to try to get right side up and fly off, but its legs were too short. It was there just helplessly kicking its legs. I hate bugs and flying things, but I was struck by the helplessness of that little guy. I went over and set it right side up and off it went, flying clumsily away, buzzing loudly as it zoomed off. A few people standing nearby noticed the ordeal and I said, “I had to help it. I would want someone to do that for me someday!” Funny thing is I am sure people have done that for me all along the way, and I’ve done it for others.

Here’s the tie in…I opened the Bible this morning and read this in Romans:

We then who are strong ought to bear with the scruples of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Romans 15:1

Let’s lend each other a hand and set each other right to keep going in our journeys. We are in this together.

With all my heart, Sonia

By SoniaG

Who me...? Just a woman who Jesus met at a well in 2009, and He changed her life forever.

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