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This is from geology.comThe formation of natural diamonds requires very high temperatures and pressures. These conditions occur in limited zones of Earth’s mantle about 90 miles (150 kilometers) below the surface where temperatures are at least 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (1050 degrees Celsius). This critical temperature-pressure environment for diamond formation and stability is not present globally. Instead it is thought to be present primarily in the mantle beneath the stable interiors of continental plates.

Today’s Blog Topic: Women under pressure because we are made to be diamonds. 

This semester for school I am in US History. At first I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of having to take a required course because I’ve enjoyed being in all the Biblical studies. Lo and behold, I was in for a treat. For my chosen research project I’ve decided to study the life of Mary Todd Lincoln, wife to President Abraham Lincoln. I chose her because I’ve always admired what President Lincoln was able to accomplish in his lifetime despite his many obstacles.

Imagine what life must have been like for her as she helped her husband standing by his side as he took a stance against slavery and led the country through its most tumultuos time. She was one of two First Ladies. Her counterpart being that of the wife of the Confederate States of America, Varina Davis.  That must have had its own set of challenges in addition to the pressures of supporting President Lincoln. In Civil War Journals, First Ladies: North & South Mary Todd Lincoln is described as being “highly intelligent, tempestuous, hot-tempered, loyal and loving.” Her brothers all fought for the confederate army yet here she was married to the leader of the Union. She had convictions and was criticized for it one minute and praised for it the next.

The reason why I know this is timely for me is that I am in a season where I need to find my voice and stand up for what I believe in. And not just to prove my point – because believe me, making waves and not going along with the status quo has a cost and most often, it is your reputation and life as you know it. So it would be easier to just go along with the masses and nod and wave and “live and let live.” Why make life hard for myself, right? WRONG. And I know it’s wrong because God has made this clear to me right now, “…The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?” Hebrews 13:6. 

I need to learn how to do this – how to stand up righteously and selflessly. I need the pressure and the heat of this thing to serve the purpose of God’s master plan for me and so do you. We are made to shine. We are diamonds. So let’s not lay down, play dead nor let the world run us over. It’s not rebellion that I am referring to with regards to not being a “well-behaved woman,” it’s about rejecting a status quo that wants to silence you when God has a message He wants to deliver through you.

Let the pressure and the heat do its job and trust God.

With all my heart,



P.S. Thank you to my sweet friend for introducing this music to me. Please listen and enjoy!

By SoniaG

Who me...? Just a woman who Jesus met at a well in 2009, and He changed her life forever.

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