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Do You Suffer From “Spinning Plate Syndrome”?

It’s 5:30am on a dark Monday morning, and although I am trying to switch to tea, I confess I desperately need coffee this morning. For those of you who know me, you know that the better part of this past year I have struggled with insomnia, but thankfully the past few months it subsided quite a bit – until last night. I struggled getting to sleep while this topic of “spinning plates” literally spun around in my mind. I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning praying, reading, avoiding, flat out reasoning myself out of writing this blog post. I’m laughing now because my alarm just went off on my phone, startling me in the middle of typing. It is quite comical that I even had an alarm set today. I am seriously NOT going to get rest until I write, and that is really ok. I think we all need those “motivations” – whatever God uses to put attention on something.

That’s what happened to me and my husband this past year during the Covid pandemic shut down – God got our attention. We didn’t even know it but we were seriously stuck in a spinning plate situation that had only one way out. Looking back on the last year we can see it now, but while we were in it we just kept going. I will seriously spare you all the hints from God that we were not supposed to keep at it like that. We worked tirelessly at all the tasks/demands/jobs/relationships with little regard to how this was affecting our ability to truly connect with God and each other. Let’s face it, it was easier that way, at least for a while. It’s easier to look outward, perform outwardly, get validated from outside sources than to work on intimacy and healthy living within the walls of your home. At least that’s how it was for us – until about two and a half months ago.

After the beginning of 2021 we had lots of talks, prayer and soul searching to make some big changes that ultimately led to stop spinning the plates, sitting down and seeing things for how they really are. And see, did we. We saw once again, like we did at the beginning of our journey with the Lord, His order for our lives. His order, meaning God first and then each other and then everything else. We were out of order, hence the spinning of the plates, and we were in situations and environments that made it all too easy to keep that pace going.

So, we stopped. We made the difficult and scary decision to say no to living out of control. We made the decision to be okay with being misunderstood. We made the choice to rest and trust in the Lord’s faithfulness. We made the choice to choose each other again.

Like any big life change, it will be stepping into the vast unknown. Changes in all areas of your life are pretty much guaranteed. When you let go of all of those plates you were never meant to be spinning, your hands are freed up to receive everything that God has. Don’t get me wrong, it is messy, not perfect and heart wrenching at times since your muscles were so used to working at warp speed to keep everything afloat for so long. Life, as you know it will never be the same, but that is the life giving process of letting go of that control and letting God have His perfect way in your life and mine.

And just know….this is a process. When you stop spinning the plates, things will crash down. Be certain of that. Try, as you may, to avoid the crashing plates, you can’t. You will cringe at the sound. You will agonize over the people staring at the pile of mess. You will cry over the “silence.” But then, God will be right there. You will find He hasn’t gone anywhere, and He will not leave you confused. He will give you wisdom, strength, joy and everything you need to flex the courageous muscles needed for finding joy in the uncertain.

I am encouraged by this Facebook post from Beth Moore on March 17 this year: ‘It’s not too late for a new start. It may be scary as heck. But it’s not too late. I find that, over and over in this pilgrimage home, Jesus finds one way or another to scribble a question in the dirt: Do you trust Me? Then follow Me.” But where are You going, Lord? “Come & see.”‘

I could write and write about shattered plates, mosaics and the like but I’ll stop here and ask for you to listen to this song on blast about our Waymaker but because I am half Mexican, half Puerto Rican, I had to post the salsa version for you all (found at the top of this post). Have a blessed week!

With all my heart,


By SoniaG

Who me...? Just a woman who Jesus met at a well in 2009, and He changed her life forever.

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