“So many things written on the internet these days!” That’s what I thought about when thinking what to write on this about page. You have so many options in reading, and I am just beyond grateful that you would check out my blog. I am Sonia Gonzales and live in Southern California with my husband, Mario and rescue pittie “Fiona the Fawn”. I am a wife-mother to a lovely 28 year old daugther-dog mom, avid lover of all things pertaining to our Lord Jesus Christ.I love to write and consider the most amazing miracle that you would read what I put down here in this blog. I firmly believe our God stories should be told so I am telling mine here! If you ever want to reach out, send me an email at sonialvsJesus@gmail.com I would love to connect! Β add another page.

5 replies on “About”

Very inspirational. I can see how God will use your story, a story often lived by many women, to encourage, elevate, and give hope in Christ. Please continue to share and don’t be afraid. God is the protector of your heart. He takes our message and creates a masterpiece that shines forth His grace and mercy in a dark and broken world. I pray for His continued peace to be upon you.


I love to fellowship with you! I love hearing what Christ has placed on your heart and look forward to your Blog πŸ™‚


Thank you for sharing your story and being so transparent. We may be struggling but God and his promises are the answer, every time. I appreciate being a fellow server and struggler with you and I love your heart for The Lord. ❀


Hi Char! Thank you so so much for this sweet encouragement! It’s truly meant alot to me. I feel like I am “stepping out onto the water” with this thing because no one really likes their ugly side out there, but it’s for Him so…onward I go! Thank you for your prayers and battling alongside me! The Lord is able!!! πŸ™‚


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